Customs Brokerage

Wherever you go, Dijkstra Logistics FZE is the freight forwarding company with the resources to guide your shipments through the customs clearance process and send them on their way to their final destination.

Our team of customs brokers can clear your goods fast and accurately. We can handle any form of import/export clearance from perishable cargo, medical supplies to cars and project cargo.

Dijkstra Logistics FZE has a dedicated and professional customs brokerage and consultancy team that can handle all facets of customs and quarantine clearance. The team undergoes regular training to keep abreast of the latest regulations and legislative amendments so you can rest assured your goods will be cleared in the correct manner with minimal duties, taxes and delays.

Duty Drawback and Refunds

The Duty Drawback Scheme enables exporters to obtain a refund of customs duty paid on imported goods where those goods will be treated, processed, or incorporated in other goods for export. We can help from processing the paperwork to making a claim. Don’t miss out on taxes that can be claimed back.

Tariff Consultancy

All goods shipped have to be classified. This is so that the government can levy the right amount of taxes against the goods or monitor what is being imported/exported. Our  experience means that we have possibly classified your goods in the past and therefore have an understanding of your product.

Customs Valuation Advice

Customs have special regulations on the valuation of your goods. There are many things to take into account with valuations like freight, insurance and more. We will ensure you are declaring your goods correctly and therefore avoiding clearance delays or fines.

Temporary Imports & Carnets

Need to import goods into country for repair or maybe for an exhibition? We can help!

Free Trade and specialized goods advice

Certain countries have special agreements which you may not be aware of. This could save you money as certain goods being imported from particular countries may not require duty at all. Why not call us, we will be happy to help.
Specialised clearances require specialist understanding of various import/export laws. We can ensure that you will be in safe hands with us and point you in the right directions. These types of clearances can be tricky and costly, so don’t take a risk without some professional help.