Logistics Consulting

Wherever you go, Dijkstra Logistics FZE provides logistics consulting services – intellectual services involving development of complex and system solutions to logistic issues with the purpose of optimization of supply chain management of a company.

Logistics consulting aims at optimization of functional areas of logistics – such as procurement, warehousing, manufacturing, transport, sales, supplies management. Optimization can be carried out fragmentarily – for example, it could be the technological design of the warehouse system, or comprehensively – the formation of the company’s logistics concept and strategy for its development with the optimization of the relevant business processes.

Our specialists audit the existing logistic functions, infrastructural specific aspects and manufacturing processes of an enterprise, analyze cargo traffic, reveal bottlenecks in order to estimate perspectives and define required actions for building the most effective logistic system of an enterprise. We offer our clients economically justified project solutions on modifying the existing or building brand new logistic models.

Work stages:

  • Audit of the existing logistics model in cooperation with transport, manufacturing and sales divisions.
  • Developing of justified engineering and economic evaluation with recommendations on modifying a logistics model. These recommendations concern tracking of commodity flows – starting from supply and internal logistics of manufacturing facilities up to external shipping operations and transshipment at ports.